LEAN ENGINEER, Location: Oradea

03 Oct 2018, Oradea

Consultant: Somesan Oana

Our client is a multinational manufacturing company.



  • Develop standard work standards and line balancing for productivity
  • Design machine and tools for new product or process
  • Develop methods that would help in reducing the cost without compromising on the quality standards to ensure increased efficiency and quality and make recommendations
  • Optimize machining processes to reach product quality, efficiency and process repeatability
  • Execute LEAN manufacturing techniques and design
  • Responsible for training and mentoring the new staff
  • Involved in preparing the documentation for the improved processes and ensure that the product designs manufactured are up to the standard levels



  • University degree in Engineering
  • A demonstrated working knowledge of Lean/Six Sigma in the manufacturing field is a plus
  • Strong written communication skills with excellent organization, planning and implementation skills
  • Strong Analytical & technical skills are needed for all product support activities
  • You should be extremely well organized and should have the ability to identify problems and resolve them quickly.
  • Ability to understand production processes and should be aware about the production operations
  • English medium/ advanced
  • Strong computer skills


*All applicants will be saved in our internal databases. Only eligible candidates will be contacted. Thank you for your interest!